3 Tips to Help You Succeed in IT Salary Negotiations
The salary negotiation process is rarely easy. What often happens is you receive an offer for a job you like, but the salary is often lower than you hoped or expected. Learning how to successfully navigate IT salary negotiations can help get you the offer you deserve. These three expert tips will help get you prepared to meet the challenge head-on:  
  1. Express Your Salary Goals Early On
If you’re working with an IT recruiter, they should discuss salary expectations with you before you agree to a first interview. You have a role to play, too, and should be upfront and clear on what your acceptable salary range is. When negotiating salary, remember to consider the whole deal.   It’s important to note that negotiating a salary and negotiating a job offer are two different things. If a salary proves difficult to negotiate, other job factors like responsibilities, a flexible work schedule, support for continued education, and opportunities for growth are other important factors to also consider. If a company’s culture and mission are just what you’ve been looking for, it’s worth considering accepting a position that has a lower salary than you wanted, but puts you in a stronger position with skillsets and experience down the road.  
  1. Prepare for IT Salary Negotiations
Do a personal assessment of where you want to be compensation-wise. Then conduct some research to determine the local going rate for the IT position you’re interested in. Sites like Payscale and Glassdoor are two good resources. You can also ask others in your field. If you have an employee mentor or sponsor, talk to them about what salary they think is reasonable and realistic. A self-inventory also helps you create a list of the skills and experience you’re bringing to the table.  
  1. Be Open to Everything
It can be disappointing to receive a salary offer that’s lower than you wanted, but it’s important to remain open to what’s being offered. Ask yourself - Is the tradeoff of a lower salary worth the skills you’ll be able to build? Is the job market for the position you’re seeking tight right now? Being open to everything can provide you an open door for endless IT career opportunities.

Let an Experienced Recruiter Help with Your IT Salary Negotiations

An IT recruiter can be particularly helpful during IT salary negotiations, educating you on what’s happening in the Las Vegas job market and giving you guidance on landing the job you want with a competitive salary, among other job terms and perks. To learn more, contact Taurean Consulting Group today at 702-529-0378.
Taurean Consulting Group job candidate achieves his ideal IT salary by following these tips.