Mentor vs. Sponsor: Do You Know the Difference?
Did you know people who are sponsored or mentored are happier in their jobs and have a better chance of getting higher pay promotions compared to those who aren’t? Degrees, certifications and a strong work ethic can all help you get a position you love, but the insights a mentor or sponsor bring to the table can help move you forward in the IT field.

The Difference Between Mentors & Sponsors

When you have someone in your corner who supports your career and life goals, your confidence grows, and you become a better version of yourself. Both mentors and sponsors fill this role, but they do it in different ways.

  • mentor provides the time and resources to help you do things like identify blind spots, become a better negotiator and become more self-assured. They use tactics like role playing and asking emotionally intelligent questions to help you banish self-doubts and feelings of unworthiness.

  • work sponsor advocates for and promotes you in the workplace. For instance, you might align yourself with someone in a more senior position to sponsor you in leadership or executive meetings, recommending you for tasks that utilize your unique skills. They’ll also let you know why you’re being passed up and what you can do to improve your chances.
  • How to Get Started on Mentorships & Partnerships 

    If you’re familiar with mastermind groups, you know they offer a lot of opportunities like networking and learning how to gain a competitive edge. They also promote the idea that two minds equal three: yours, your sponsor’s/mentor’s, and your two minds combined. On a practical note, a mentor/sponsor can do things like review your resume, which should be updated regularly as you reach new goals.

    When choosing an IT mentor or sponsor it’s important to look at your entire organization, not just those in higher positions than yours. What you want is someone whose opinion and work ethic is valued by the company. For their part, mentors and sponsors want to support someone who’s looking to be held accountable. You should be willing to be vulnerable, asking for feedback, even if painful, in which you should be open to hearing and acting on.

    Aligning Your IT Skills & Career Goals

    If you don’t have a mentor or sponsor now, go get one; or be one yourself. To learn more about mentorship and sponsorship, or to speak with an IT recruiter who can align your skills with leading Las Vegas tech organizations, contact Taurean Consulting Group today at 702-529-0378.
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