How to Choose an IT Recruiter You Can Trust

Our Tips for Finding a Great IT Recruiter to Match You to Your Ideal Job

If you're an IT professional looking to join a stellar team, an IT recruiter can help match you with the best fit. However, a good recruiter does much more than match candidates with employers. They also:

  • Build excellent rapport with you and employers
  • Know how to highlight your strengths
  • Look beyond resumes identify qualified candidates
So, how do you identify these exceptional IT recruiters? Firstly, there are three traits every good recruiter possesses:

Marketplace Knowledge

Recruiters who've built the right relationships are deeply knowledgeable about the opportunities in the marketplace, even those that aren't advertised. They know more about an organization's culture, hiring practices, and job specifics than from a job posting.

Understanding of What Employers Are Really Looking for

A great IT recruiter knows how to read between the "task" lines of a job description to get to the soft skills the employer wants. They're adept at figuring out if your personality, goals, and work habits are a good fit for the position and company. Conversely, recruiters should also call out if a company's culture runs counter to your work experience, ensuring you're a good match before submitting you for the position.

Investment in Your Success

A good IT recruiter listens attentively to your career desires and works hard to help you reach them. They believe they've achieved that goal when, months after you join an organization, they hear you're loving your new job.

Why should someone in IT or tech work with a recruiter?

We find tech and IT candidates are amazing with the technology piece and at achieving success in their field. Still, they're not always as skilled in articulating that on a resume. Great recruiters can help pull out of you why you were such a good employee and an asset in your last job or your previous project. They also help you shape and craft your story in a way that will stand out to the hiring manager. A caveat of a good recruiter will never have you lie, misrepresent, or oversell your skills because that will easily be exposed in a technical interview. A good IT recruiter will help you tell your story so it demonstrates how you'll be a substantial asset to the future team you're looking to join.

How to Find an IT Recruiter

Referrals are still the number one way to find a great IT recruiter. With up to 80% of jobs never appearing on a job board, now's the time to tap into your network and ask them to refer you to recruiters they know who specialize in your niche.

Another resource for finding recruiters is to consult with industry groups and associations dedicated to your specialty. Recruiters often join these organizations and attend industry events. You can also search for IT recruiters who specialize in placing people in your field on sites like LinkedIn

If you're looking for an IT recruiter who can match your skills and desires with a top Las Vegas tech organization, Taurean Consulting Group can help. We specialize in filling IT and tech jobs with highly qualified candidates whom employers love. To learn more, contact us today at 702-529-0378
IT recruiter during a candidate profile while candidate holds resume.