Why Hiring IT Recruiters in Las Vegas Is Worth It

3 Reasons Why Employers Should Work with IT Recruiters in Las Vegas

Taking over the hiring of new employees, on top of your existing managerial responsibilities can be daunting for any manager. The hiring process is time-consuming between collecting and reviewing resumes and interviewing applicants. Additionally, open positions leave additional work, which often falls on the shoulders of management until they are filled. The IT recruiters in Las Vegas at Taurean Consulting Group can contribute greatly to your hiring process. Plus, they also share and are passionate about your goal: finding great candidates to fill your open positions.

Reasons IT Recruiters in Las Vegas Can Be a Welcome Addition to Your Hiring Team

1. Recruiters Know Where to Find Talent

An employer should hire an IT recruiter because it’s an effective way to find talent in the marketplace. A good recruiter has worked hard to build a strong network. They have established trust and developed working relationships with candidates and other connections within the IT and tech industry. When a hiring manager comes to a recruiter with a position they need to be filled, a good recruiter can readily tap into their network and pull from qualified candidates.

Additionally, the best fit for an open role is often a passive candidate. This type of candidate is not looking for a job nor has their resumes posted, but a recruiter has partnered with them to make them aware of their ideal opportunities. Such candidates may not be actively looking for a new job, but they would entertain the right opportunity.

2. Recruiters Can Deliver the Most Qualified Candidates

A good recruiter will take the time to work with a hiring manager. They ask essential questions and uncover what a hiring manager is looking for, who they are looking for and why. While the duties listed in a job description are important, if a hiring manager can genuinely articulate what they want outside of the description, like personality or a particular background or industry experience, the resumes funneled down to the hiring manager’s desk should match what they need.

3. Recruiters Help to Fill Positions Quickly & Effectively

Recruiters understand that hiring managers have to sift through a lot of applicants. An HR department may send over 20+ resumes to review, and none of them may be a fit for the open position. Our goal at Taurean Consulting Group is to front-end our discovery process with the hiring manager so that we can send over two to three of our top resume matches.

If we’ve done our job right, at least two out of three candidates should be a 100% match, so a hiring manager now only has to move forward with those two candidates. Or, if we misunderstood the hiring manager, we can talk about the three reasons we got it wrong, and we can go back to the drawing board to find a better match. This process saves the hiring manager time and fills open positions quickly because the manager isn’t inundated with tons of resumes to review. Instead, they only have to have two conversations and hopefully be able to hire one of the candidates.

It’s a No Brainer If You Have the Budget

Typically, recruiters do not get paid unless you select their candidate(s). So, if you have the budget, you should use them! By adding a recruiter to your team, you’re also opening yourself up to new candidates who you may not otherwise have had access to. It’s worth your time to explore all the possible candidates, not just the ones who directly apply to your company. Why not engage a recruiter who might bring somebody new to the table? There’s really no downside.

Let Our IT Recruiters in Las Vegas Find Your Ideal Candidates for You

If you're looking for reputable IT recruiters in Las Vegas with over 25 years’ experience working with hiring managers to fill positions, Taurean Consulting Group can help. We specialize in filling IT and tech jobs with highly qualified candidates whom employers love. To learn more, contact us today at 702-529-0378.
An IT recruiter in Las Vegas and hiring manager considering and discussing a candidate's resume.