Land the Position You Want with These Job Interview Tips and Tricks

Our Job Interview Tips and Tricks Can Help You Get the Job You Want

Landing the perfect job is always a difficult task no matter the circumstances. Being prepared before the interview and doing your part to research the company and position to get a feel for what to expect during and after a job interview, can give you a competitive advantage in getting the job you want. The job interview tips and tricks below can help give you the confidence you need to land your next job.

Important Job Interview Tips & Tricks Many Candidates Don’t Consider

Be Prepared Before the Job Interview

The biggest mistakes job candidates continue to make is being unprepared for a job interview. Preparing for a job interview includes taking the time and effort to research the company, industry, job position, and people who work within it, including the hiring manager if known. Preparing for a job interview should be like preparing for a final exam; knowing how to incorporate and complement the organization with your research and experience can help put you on the final candidate list for consideration.

Being familiar with what is written on your resume, and using the smart S.T.A.R. technique: situation, task, action, and results, can help cover every aspect of your job experience. Getting the nervousness out and being in your most natural state of mind are important factors to keep in mind right before you enter your job interview. Put yourself already on the team, engaging in a discussion with the hiring manager in your mind.

What to Expect in Your First Interview

It is recommended that job candidates arrive no more than 5 minutes early, especially during COVID times. If your interview is virtual, always dial in at least 5 minutes early to make sure the connection is good. Be aware that you may be observed by other employees during your first job interview, as hiring managers may want to get an outside perspective on who you are as a candidate.

Questions to Expect to Be Asked During a Job Interview

Honesty is always the best policy when answering any interview question. Being detailed and answering in a thoughtful manner can be beneficial in the way you come across. Researching commonly asked questions for an upcoming interview may not always be such a good idea, as hiring managers are getting more creative with interview questions. Jobs in the IT industry often focus on technical skills and situational questions, such as how you used a piece of technology to accomplish a goal, and all the detailed specs that go along with it.

Job candidates should interview companies as much as they’re being interviewed to find out if they’re a good match. Questions about benefits and compensation should be incorporated towards the final steps of the interview process – and, nowadays, that information is typically available on company websites.

How to End a Job Interview

Ending an interview is essentially like closing a deal. It is the last opportunity for a candidate to stand out, ask their final questions and make their last good first impression. It is important to always have 2 – 3 questions ready. After the interview, if you worked with an agency or recruiter, it’s always important to send a thank you note, addressing a specific part of the interview you enjoyed the most, showcasing that you’ve paid attention and were invested in the process.

The Advantage of Working with an IT Recruiter

Working with an IT recruiter, such as Taurean Consulting, can serve as a competitive advantage when it comes to finding a job. IT recruiters usually have more insight on the job positions, because they’ve had conversations with the client/hiring managers on what they’re looking for. On top of job interview preparation, additional resources and networking opportunities, IT recruiters can provide before and after job interview benefits in advancing your IT career. Call 702-529-0378 for additional job interview tips and tricks.
Interview in an office man and woman shaking hands. Woman is prepared with the job interview tricks and tips she learned from Taurean Consulting Group.