How to Bounce Back from a Job Rejection
We like to say not every job out there is right for you. But what do you do when you find a job you think is just what you’re looking for, but you don’t get it? Job rejection is hard. It’s doubly so when you did everything right. With a flawless resume, multiple aced interviews, and a gracious thank-you note, it’s no surprise you thought you landed the position. And then you hear you weren’t chosen—they’ve “decided to go with another candidate.” Although it may be hard to get back to your job search when you’re feeling low about missing out on your dream job, there are ways to turn the experience into career and personal development opportunities!

Bouncing Back from a Job Rejection

When you get rejected for a position, job experts suggest taking a little time to deal with your emotions, seek consolation from friends and family, and regain your equilibrium. You’ll need to continue your job search with a new strategy, renewed enthusiasm and be ready to wow the next hiring manager. Here’s what to do next:

Review and Reflect

From researching the company to how you handled yourself in interviews, a clear-eyed review of your job search process can help you realize what you did right and where you might have done something differently.

  • Were you completely prepared for the interview, or did you have to bluff your way through a question or two?
  • Did you put too much focus on tech skills that you had little time to showcase your soft ones?
  • Were there questions you wished you had answered differently?
If you can honestly say you gave it your all, then it just wasn’t meant to be. The faster you can let it go and move on to the next opportunity, the quicker you’ll be able to find a job that is right for you.

Ask for Detailed Feedback

If you’re working with an IT recruiter, this is information they can get for you. Many times, the reason a job candidate may have not been chosen has nothing to do with the candidate, interview, or application themselves. Other times, the reason might be a poor culture fit or lack of certain skills. There are also times when a company offers no feedback at all. No matter how little or how much information you get, try to find some valuable insights on how you might change or improve your approach.

Don’t Give Up

It’s normal to feel discouraged about missing out on a job you truly wanted. But if you use the opportunity to work on refining your interview skills, polish your resume, and increase your skill sets, it can be the catalyst for something bigger and better. You truly never know what job is waiting just around the corner!

What Not to Do

No matter how unfair you feel the job rejection is, there are three things you never do:

  • Burn bridges (You never know who you could be working with in the future!)
  • Develop negative thought patterns (Negativity is a fast-pass to getting nowhere)
  • Take it personally and get defensive (The IT/technology community can be tight-knit!)
All three are self-defeating behaviors that only harm your future chances but also affects your current search for a job. It’s better to learn from the experience and move onward to bigger and better things.

Minimize Your Job Rejections by Working with an IT Recruiter

A Las Vegas IT recruiter can help you land your dream job through effective preparation, guidance and knowledge! To minimize your job rejections and find a job that best fits your wants and needs, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378 today.
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