Confidently Prepare for a Job Interview with the Star Interview Method
The STAR interview method, or the STAR technique as it’s also referred to, teaches job candidates to answer interview questions by providing concrete examples of their experiences and skills that qualify them for the job they’re applying for. It’s a terrific storytelling technique you can use to ace your next IT job interview.

The STAR Technique

STAR is an acronym for situation, task, action and result. At Taurean Consulting Group, we believe it’s an essential tool for navigating an interview as it helps hiring managers gauge a candidate’s communication style.

“S” stands for “situation”. In this type of response, you describe a specific event or situation you were in, not a generalized description of a skill you used. It can be from a job or non-job-related experience. For example, you might explain how you handled a situation where you knew following a direction would have opened your company up to more risk.

“T” stands for “task”. This response boils down to “what goal were you working toward?” For instance, if you were tasked with a project that was over budget because no one was properly checking up on a vendor, explain how you identified where the project was going off track and what needed to be done to put it back on course.

“A” stands for “action”. Talk about specific steps you took to address the situation but keep the focus on you. If you remember to use the word “I”, you’ll portray yourself as a leader who can work autonomously and take ownership of your actions. It’s fine to acknowledge team collaboration but frame it in a way that highlights your abilities and skills.

“R” stands for “result”. Talk about the outcome of your actions. This is no time to be shy about taking credit for what you accomplished. Use as many positive results as possible.

Tips to Prepare for the STAR Interview Method

Working with an IT recruiter to prepare you before a job interview with the STAR technique, can help you anticipate what types of open-ended questions you might be asked. Other tips we give our job candidates include:

  • Stand before a mirror and ask yourself some of the sample questions. Practice how you’ll respond and recognize where you might be veering away from “singing your own praises”.
  • Write the letters “S”, “T”, “A”, and “R” on a sticky note or at the top of the notepad you take into the interview to remind yourself how to respond.
  • During the interview, listen closely to the questions. Pause to think about what the hiring manager is looking for. “That’s a great question. I’d love to tell you about a project that was especially challenging for me,” is a great way to start a response.

Las Vegas IT Recruiter

In our experience, the STAR technique is the ideal response method for answering behavioral interview questions. It can also be helpful for situational ones, particularly technical, project-related questions. To learn more about the STAR interview method and how a Las Vegas IT recruiter can help you use it to land the job you want, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378 today.
Taurean Consulting Group job candidate answers interview questions using the STAR interview method.