4 Ways a Recruiter’s Database Helps You Land Your Dream Job
Searching job boards, reaching out to your network, and fine-tuning your resume are all excellent ways to improve your chances of landing your dream job. But did you know an IT recruiter can help you shorten your job search process, by matching your skills to the criteria tech companies are looking for? A recruiter’s database gives you access to high-quality IT and technology positions, some of which aren’t posted on job boards or company websites.

What is a Recruiter Database?

Recruiters cultivate relationships with companies and candidates over the years. They maintain a database on both, whether or not they’re actively looking to hire or are looking for jobs. This database can be invaluable to job candidates looking for a position that is a good fit.

The benefits of a recruiter database from a job candidate’s perspective include:
  1. Inside knowledge of what’s happening inside companies.
  2. Which skills and technologies a particular company is interested in.
  3. Matching your background, insight and knowledge with quality tech firms.
  4. Matches you to the right culture fit based on personalities and soft skills of the team and company you could be joining.
An IT recruiter also knows what salaries and benefits are being offered, and can be your best advocate when negotiating compensation.

For tech companies, a recruiter database helps ensure they only screen candidates who have the talents and skills they’re looking for. For instance, if a company is implementing NetSuite by Oracle and is looking for talent with those specific skills, a good recruiter knows which candidates are the best match for that role.

How a Database Ensures Better Job Matches

Recruiters use their databases to mine from the relationships they’ve already built. Typically, it’s their first choice when looking for qualified talent for technology companies. Unlike general online job boards (whose databases are often not fine-tuned), a recruiter’s database goes far beyond generic keywords. In-depth knowledge of a company’s culture and a candidate’s qualifications helps prepare job seekers for successful interviews and can have a profound effect on the success of landing a position.

If an interview doesn’t pan out, an IT recruiter always updates their databases with all the reasons why, including lack of skills or company culture to find a better match for both sides. When they submit you for another role, it’s more likely the position will be a better fit, as they’ve tweaked their database information. They can also recommend ways to polish your resume, prepare you so you can perform better in job interviews or suggest which online classes or certifications to take to improve your tech skills.

Work with a Las Vegas IT Recruiter

A recruiter database is an essential tool for managing candidate and company information when matching applicants with jobs. Because we believe the right tech job is always out there waiting, we keep a candidate’s information in our database forever. We know it’s the best way to speed up the hiring process, find opportunities and provide the high quality solutions our clients and candidates know and expect. To learn more, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378, today.
An IT Recruiter Uses Her Database to Match Job Candidates to the Right Jobs