Interview Questions Job Candidates Should Ask
It’s true, a job interview is a way for companies to find out who you are and whether your skills and experience match in what they’re looking for. But it’s also an opportunity for you to learn if the organization and position fit your career goals.

For job candidates, the job interview process is the time to learn about a company’s culture, get more information on expectations, and decide whether to accept when an offer is extended. It’s common for hiring managers to ask, “Do you have any questions?” at the end of the interview. Many of your questions, though, can be answered during the interview—if you listen carefully. For instance, if one of your prepared interview questions is about long hours, you’ll get the answer to that if the interviewer asks about your willingness to work long hours during the actual interview.

Interview Questions to Prepare Before Going to an Interview

What Not to Ask
First, let’s talk about which questions you shouldn’t ask in a first interview. Remember, a first interview is used for making a good impression and present yourself in a positive light. Avoid asking:

  • What the company does. Do your homework ahead of time and ask your recruiter what you should know. When possible, find a way to introduce that knowledge into the interview. They’ll be impressed you did your research.
  • When you can take time off for a vacation. If you have something planned, bring it up once you get the offer, not before.
  • What your chances are of getting the job. Patience in this case is a definite virtue.
Try to avoid asking questions that can be answered by a simple “yes” or “no,” unless that’s all you need to hear. Also, “me” questions about salary and benefits should wait until a second interview. The first interview is reserved for demonstrating how you can benefit the organization.

The Questions You Should Ask
If you want to stand out from other candidates during a job interview, asking the right questions is one sure way to do it. What are the “right” questions to ask in an interview? They’re the ones that show you’re interested in the job. Most of them can be found in the research you do about the organization ahead of time:

  • Duties and requirements of the position
  • Office culture and structure
  • Job performance measurements
  • Opportunities for growth and promotion
It’s perfectly fine to ask at the end of the interview when you can expect to hear from them. It’s also a good idea to ask if the hiring manager needs clarification on your qualifications and to follow-up with a thank you note.

Work with a Las Vegas IT Recruiter

Knowing the right questions to ask in an interview can make all the difference in whether or not you land the job you want. To learn more about how an IT recruiter can help you craft interview questions that impress and win over hiring managers, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378, today.
Taurean Consulting Group job candidate arrives prepared to ask the right questions in a job interview.