Top Tips for Succeeding in Your Zoom Interview
Remote work conditions have seen Zoom’s popularity explode over the last year. It’s now also one of the most used online platforms for remote job interviews. There are a few things that make Zoom different from other video conferencing software. Knowing the platform’s ins and outs can go a long way in making you look and feel more confident during your Zoom interview.

Do First Impressions Matter?

They do, and science tells us those initial impressions work in an interesting way because they have an impact on how the hiring manager views your responses to any structured interview questions. The best first impression you can make is showing you’ve done your homework on the company. Before and during the call:

  • Look up the person online who will be interviewing you. See if the company has a website with employee bios, which often gives small personal details. Look for their LinkedIn profile and see if the interviewer has written any articles or has held any positions similar to the one that you’re interviewing for.
  • Plan your interview. Be aware of your surroundings, background noise and any distractions that may come up during your scheduled Zoom interview the day before. Remember to always dress appropriately and smile during your interview, as these are welcoming attributes hiring managers take note of.
  • Be on time! In “real” life, showing up 10 minutes early for an interview is a good rule of thumb. On Zoom calls, that isn’t necessary. Do sign in a few minutes early so you don’t leave the interviewer waiting for you, incase unexpected technical difficulties arise.
  • Be gracious. Start the interview with some words of gratitude for the opportunity.

Acing Your Zoom Interview

Before your Zoom interview starts, you should always have a copy of the same resume the interviewer has in front of them. It’s also a good idea to have at least five questions written down ahead of time. The trick to making offscreen notes work is to make them super easy to read. Use a large font and plenty of space between questions. Anything that helps you avoid fumbling with them during the interview will work. A document holder or easel set up in your sightline can be an easy solution.

Assuming you (and your recruiter) have done the homework on the interviewer and company, you should have additional “prep notes” on relevant topics to talk about. If you’re working with a recruiter, they can often tell you what subjects an interviewer will cover and let you know if you should brush up on things like the five FSMO roles, the difference between project risks and issues, and so on.

What’s the Best & Worst Thing You Can Do During a Zoom Interview?

Let’s start with our #1 “absolutely under no circumstances should you do this” tip. Besides not bringing up compensation or benefits in the first interview - never, ever, speak poorly of your past employer or company!

Our best tip for landing a job through a Zoom interview goes back to where we started: be prepared. If you show up like you already have the job, you’re sure to make that first great impression.

Let a Recruiter Help Prepare You for Your Zoom Interview

When you partner with Taurean Consulting Group, not only will we help match you with ideal positions and employers, we’ll also provide you with tips to help ensure you ace your Zoom interview and get the job you really want! Call us today at 702-529-0378 or search our job board to get started, today.
Top Tips for Succeeding in Your Zoom Interview