Best Video Interview Tips for Landing a Job Virtually
Not only are more people than ever working remotely, but job candidates are also searching for jobs online and holding video interviews in unprecedented numbers. While much of the advice you’ve heard for an in-person interview applies to a video interview as well, if you want to take your virtual interviewing skills to the next level, there are some things to keep in mind.

Why You Should Care About Improving your Virtual Interview Skills

It has always been important to stand out professionally when trying to land a new job. But while video interviews are one step up from phone interviews, it can still be challenging to communicate online as well as you do in person. Fortunately, you can learn how to build better communication skills that will impress your interviewer and position you as a top candidate. Here’s how.

Leave Nothing to Chance

Before signing in for your video interview:

  • Make sure your device’s camera and audio are working correctly.
  • Choose a headset that cancels out audio echoes and feedback, especially if you have an older laptop.
  • Be it Zoom, WebEx, or Blue Jeans, confirm you have the latest version of the platform installed. Do a test run to ensure it’s working properly. It’s also a great idea to practice being interviewed by a friend, family member or recruiter before the real thing.
  • Whatever identity you choose to name your virtual account, make sure it is professional.
First impressions still matter in the virtual world. You should always dress for success from head to toe, even for a video interview. If you’re working with a recruiter, ask for suggestions on how you should dress for a particular firm or company.

Prepare for Anything to Happen

When interviewing from home, it’s best to plan for inevitable disruptions. Also, be aware of what’s in your background. Keep it simple so nothing distracts the interviewer’s attention. Let the interviewer know at the start of the interview, if you have small children or a dog who might, despite your good planning, interrupt. Remember, too, turn off or mute other devices that can beep or ring in an unpleasant distraction.

Other useful tips include being prepared to have the same resume in front of you that the interviewer has, having a list of five or so questions to ask at the end of the interview, and always showing gratitude for the time an interviewer spends with you. If, after the video interview, you feel strongly you’re likely to land the position, convey that to the interviewer. The saying, “a closed mouth never gets fed” is always a good idea to keep in mind – as it conveys your confidence and motivation in moving forward with that company. Finally, a handwritten thank you note never goes out of style.

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