Reasons You’re Not Hearing Back After Applying for a Job
It’s a common refrain from frustrated job seekers: why am I spending tons of time applying for a job but not hearing back from the company?

If you’re not getting the responses you had hoped for in your job search, but don’t have a clue as to what you might be doing wrong, here are some of the most common reasons as to why your queries are going unanswered.

Possible Reasons You Don’t Hear Back After Applying for a Job

The top four reasons job applicants don’t hear back from hiring managers are:
  1. They aren’t qualified. When you’re applying for a job that interests you, it can be easy to overestimate your abilities or experience. If you genuinely believe you’re qualified for a position, go back and make sure all the skills an employer is asking for are listed on your resume. Updating and tailoring your resume can increase your response rate in no time.

  2. The application wasn’t fully completed. Some companies don’t mind that an application doesn’t have every question answered or field filled in. Others see it as a sign the candidate applying for the job isn’t a “details” type of person. IT recruiters know that the hiring process for each company can be different, in which they’ll help guide you on the right path towards making a first great impression with the intel they’ve gathered from the hiring manager and company.

  3. No job search strategy. This is an area where working with an IT recruiter can really pay off. A recruiter can help you identify which jobs you’re best suited for, help you keep track of which jobs you’ve already applied to, and better prepare you for job interviews in efforts to increase your chances of the landing the position.

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4. The company hired someone else. Sometimes the “better” or more qualified candidate gets the job. Other times the company’s hiring plans change. It’s disappointing when you’re passed over for a job you truly wanted, but try to think of it as a learning experience. Was there something that came up in the interview you can improve? Is it time to reassess your expectations and desires?

It also helps to see every job application process as an opportunity to network. If the feedback you get is “Hey, we’ve decided to move forward with an internal candidate,” or “The job’s on hold right now,” it is perfectly appropriate to ask the interviewer for feedback on your interview, network with them, and make yourself known as someone that is open to future opportunities.

How a Las Vegas IT Recruiter Can Help You Land a Job You Love

No matter where you are in the job search process, an IT recruiter can often improve your chances of landing your ideal position. They’re a valuable resource who can help you:

  • Get back in the game of applying for jobs.
  • Craft a resume that reflects what employers are looking for.
  • Match your skills to the right company and position.
  • Prepare you for upcoming job interviews.
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