8 Easy-To-Make Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid
Congratulations—you landed the job interview! Now you have the opportunity to showcase your best qualities and talents, ensuring you’re memorable for all the right reasons. As most people get nervous about the interview process, it can be easy to slip up or say the wrong thing that costs you the job opportunity. Avoid these common interview mistakes, though, and you could be well on your way to landing your dream job.

Frequent Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

There’s a lot of advice out there on what you should do when interviewing. Here’s a look at the most common job interview mistakes, errors, and blunders many candidates make.

1. Dressing inappropriately

It makes no difference if the interview is in-person or remote, job candidates should always look professional and polished. Leave the short-sleeve tees and trainers tucked away and choose attire that reflects the position you’re hoping to secure. Suits aren’t always required, but clothes should always be clean and freshly ironed.

2. Arriving late

Many interviews today are conducted remotely. To avoid arriving late, be in front of your computer early, test the technical aspects to ensure everything is running smoothly, and consider doing a test run on Teams and Zoom, so you feel confident the interview will go off without a hitch. For in-person interviews, don’t check in more than ten minutes early but give yourself plenty of time to arrive so you aren’t late, which suggests a lack of respect for the interviewer.

3. Using your phone during the interview

If you have a habit of constantly looking at your phone, leave it in the car. During a virtual interview, turn it off and put it in another room. Phone calls, notifications and other sounds can cause further distractions during your interview.

4. Knowing nothing about the company

One of the most common interview mistakes candidates make is not doing their homework about the company they’re interviewing with. Researching the firm or hiring manager via the company website or LinkedIn accounts can give you valuable information you can drop into the interview. Your efforts will impress the hiring manager and show a nice level of effort on your part to understand what the organization’s mission and goals are.

5. Not reading your resume before the interview

Be sure to bring a copy of your resume with you and be prepared to talk about anything on it. Nothing is off limits if it is stated in writing as a skill or experience you’ve acquired.

6. Not paying attention

Being anxious about making a good impression is understandable, but try to stay focused on what the interviewer says and asks. To remain in the moment, take a notepad and pen and jot down key points and any questions you might want to ask at the interview’s conclusion.

7. Not preparing answers to questions

Not being prepared to answer any interview question is a surefire way not to get the job. Practicing questions and answers with an IT recruiter is how to get the job you want.

8. Badmouthing past employers

The IT world is small, and it’s never a good idea to speak unfavorably about a former employer. Find something good to say or say nothing at all.

How an IT Recruiter Helps Candidates Avoid Job Interview Mistakes

Difficult questions often come up in an interview. An IT recruiter can rehearse possible ways to answer queries like “Why did you get fired from the job?” They can help you keep it honest while diffusing negativity around a red flag, all while supporting and guiding you to get you the job you deserve.

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Job Candidate Avoids Making Interview Mistakes at her Job Interview