Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays
Las Vegas IT firms hire all year long, but the holiday season can be an excellent time to put yourself – and your resume – out for consideration. While it’s true some companies might slow down their hiring as the year comes to an end, many more have openings that need filling now.

What to Know About Job Searching During the Holidays

Here are some reasons to job search during the holidays:
  1. You might hit up the right person at the exact moment they’re trying to meet year-end goals.

  2. There may be seasonal contract work available that helps you get your foot in the door of a firm where you’d like to become a full-time employee.

  3. Taking interviews during the holiday season allows you better define your career goals, brainstorm a list of potential employers, and lay the groundwork for your job search into the new year.

  4. Another bonus: since many job seekers believe the conventional wisdom that employers hire less during the holidays, you’ll have fewer competitors. You might just land that interview you may not have gotten at another time during the year.

  5. Finally, you can also use this time to invest in networking opportunities and keeping your tech skills up-to-date so you move your career goals forward.

Smart Tips for Any Job Search During the Holidays 

Here are some of our favorite (and pretty easy) tips for conducting a holiday job search.

  • Talk to a recruiter about your goals and update them on what you’ve accomplished this past year.

  • Use your free time during the holidays to give yourself the gift of education. Invest in an online course that improves your skills or gets you certified for the positions you have in mind. (*Limited Time Offer: Get 95% off all courses with code: LEARNWITHUS).

  • Use a spreadsheet to note which jobs you’ve applied to, any interviews you had and whether you need to touch base with a company again in the new year.

Match Your Skills With Top Las Vegas Tech Organizations

The holidays are a time when many people recommit to themselves. It’s a terrific time to reevaluate old goals and set new ones that put you in an IT position you love. To learn more about conducting a job search during the holidays – or any time of the year – contact Taurean Consulting Group today at 702-529-0378. We’ll help match your skills with top Las Vegas tech organizations who are looking for what you have to offer.
Job Search During the Holidays