Technical Recruiter Profile: Brianda Barrett
Brianda Barrett recently celebrated her one-year work-i-versary and promotion from a Recruiting Coordinator to a Technical Recruiter at Taurean Consulting Group! Brianda shared with us her story about getting her start in recruiting, alongside insights and the value her role brings to many IT and technology professionals across the Las Vegas valley.

Las Vegas Technical Recruiter Q&A

Can you tell us about yourself and your recruiting experience?

I am originally from California and moved to Las Vegas in 2018, where my family and I now live in Henderson. I began working at Taurean Consulting Group as a Recruiting Coordinator in March of 2021. My experience with recruiting started in 2017, where I initially started doing a little bit of recruiting within the Financial Counselor role I held at that time.

My husband was on active duty for 10 years. So we were stationed in a couple different military posts, including North Carolina, where I worked as a Financial Counselor. I worked with service members as the lead Financial Counselor for a program that was funded by the Department of Defense. I was in charge of helping my manager hire and bring on new talent. I was also in charge of going through resumes, pre-screening candidates over the phone, making sure that they had the right certification, experience, etc. And that’s where my recruiting experience began. It wasn't part of my job duty, but as the lead Financial Counselor, my manager wanted to get my input.

I ended up really enjoying the entire recruiting process. I love looking through resumes, talking to candidates, the interview process, bringing them on board, training them and everything else that comes along with recruiting. So after that, my family & I moved back to California and then to Nevada, where I got my foot in the door by joining the recruiting team at Wynn Las Vegas. Flash forward to 2022, I am now part of the amazing team at Taurean Consulting Group!

Reflecting back on your first year of recruiting at Taurean Consulting Group, can you tell us about what stood out the most to you?

When I started at Taurean in March of 2021, the office was hybrid, but it was still on site. In the beginning, it was very scary for me as I’ve never worked in the IT industry. I’ve worked in hospitality and finance, but did not know all the ins and outs of the IT roles that are out there. The training and mentoring that both Sonia and Christine have given me since I’ve been here has been 110%, the best thing that has happened in my career.

For me, being at Taurean has been truly a dream come true. You know, there WERE always times that I would start a new job and think, wow, “this is it”. Now I can truly say this is it! I can see myself with this team for a very, very long time. It's been an absolute pleasure working with and being mentored by Sonia and Christine and it’s been a pleasure to work alongside Chelsie! I truly think the four of us make a fantastic team.

What benefits do job candidates have of working with an IT recruiter like you in their job search?

One of my absolute top favorite things about being a recruiter is helping job candidates find their dream job or land that very special role that they've been wanting (that otherwise they may have not landed if they had applied by themselves). I really enjoy helping them through the process, because it can be daunting. It can be very scary to put yourself out there and apply to all of these roles and hear nothing back. Maybe the only thing you hear back are those rejection emails (I remember getting all the time when I was in California). And it's literally the most painful thing to have to open up an email and it's a rejection email.

So for me, being able to have that communication and make that connection with job candidates in Las Vegas has been the best thing, because I want to be able to take that burden off of them and really help with them. I also love communicating the fact that our recruiting company is a great resource, so if you weren't chosen for a role, I’m able to say “Hey, let's look at these other ones” to help get candidates the opportunity or experience they want or need in their career.

What are your favorite types of roles to help recruit for?

I’ve been able to work with a large amount and variety of roles within the IT and technology industry. Our recruiting team works with all levels of hiring, from entry-level to executive-type roles that really allowed me to dive in and understand the wants and needs that each role requires. Now with my experience of a little over a year at Taurean, I can sit with a job candidate and really get an understanding of whether or not they are a good fit for a role.

For me, I've really wanted to focus on working with a lot of the entry-level positions. A lot of these individuals applying for these entry-level positions are very young, right? They've been out of high school a few years, worked on their certifications, maybe working in retail and they've been really trying to get into the industry. I have the ability to connect and help guide them by being a cheerleader and resource in landing a job in this competitive job market.

Vegas is home for me. I absolutely love Las Vegas and everything it has to offer. My focus on entry-level jobs is all about giving back to the young people in our community and helping them get their foot in the door. My job is to help match job candidates to the right roles with the right skills and competitive salary. I’ve lived in places like Northern California where the technology industry is really strong and always booming. So why not try to create something similar here in Vegas?

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Las Vegas Technical Recruiter: Brianda Barrett