Are Counter Offers Ever Worth Considering?
Counter offers are (usually) a last-ditch attempt for an employer to hold onto a talented employee who’s decided to leave for a more desirable position. If you ever receive a counter offer, you’re now left with the question of “Should I stay, or should I go?” Here’s why counter offers are rarely worth accepting in your personal and career growth.

Why Companies Make Counter Offers

While your skills and work history can be a motivating factor, the truth is, most companies make counter offers because replacing a current employee is expensive. American businesses spend $1 trillion per year replacing employees who voluntarily leave. When you hear “We’ll match what they’re offering,” it can be tempting to accept, but it’s always worth considering the motivation behind such counter offers.

Why You Might Regret Accepting a Counter Offer

There’s a lot of competition in the IT job market, and even those with stable jobs stay on the lookout for better opportunities. Some people who receive lucrative counter offers decide to remain in their current position, but the majority come to regret it. Here’s why:

  • Your employer may lose trust in you and make things difficult.
  • You’ll always be seen as the “person who accepted a counter offer” and considered a flight risk.
  • It’s a short-term solution that doesn’t help your long-term career goals.
In nearly every case, it’s better to leave your current position in a respectful way and move forward with your life and career.

Assessing Your Long-term Career Goals 

If you’re not satisfied with the IT job that you’re in, aren’t seeing the career progression you’d like, or simply don’t like your boss, seeking out another opportunity is a smart idea. If you find a new position and receive a counter offer from your current employer, it can provide you the opportunity to really examine your motives within your personal and professional life. Such as if a new company and its culture are truly what will make you happy.

Working with a Las Vegas IT Recruiter 

Anywhere from 50 to 80 percent of employees who accept counter offers end up leaving their job within a year of accepting. An experienced IT recruiter can help guide you on career opportunities available throughout the IT and tech industry. To learn more about counter offers and how an IT recruiter can help, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378.
Job candidate considering a counter offer from their employer.