Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Accept a Counter Offer from Current Employer

Why Accepting a Counter Offer from Your Current Employer Isn’t a Good Idea

You’ve decided it’s time to change jobs and when you resign, your current employer makes a counter offer. While it might be somewhat gratifying they seem to value you and want you to stay, the real question is whether you should. Here are five powerful reasons why you should not accept a counter offer.

Doesn’t Address Underlying Issues

Think about why you resigned. Perhaps you’re stagnating in your position without the opportunities for advancement you’d hoped for. Maybe your position is too stressful or demanding. You might struggle with bureaucracy within the organization or a lack of leadership. You’ve probably already asked for a raise, promotion, or changes in the workplace without results. Putting a bandage on a gaping wound might work for the short-term, but it won’t address the deep, underlying issues that led to your resignation in the first place.

The Timing Is Questionable

When an employer truly values your work, they show it. They don’t wait until you resign to offer you a promotion, raise, or opportunities to learn new skills. Good employers are proactive so they can retain good staff. A new title, more money, and the potential to grow can certainly entice you, but think about it. If your employer offers these things now, why didn’t they offer them earlier? Are they really providing substantial incentives, or just reallocating resources you would have eventually received for a planned raise, bonus, or promotion?

Counter Offers from Current Employers Are Often Cost-Saving Measures

When you leave a job, your employer must handle recruitment, onboarding, and training to bring a new person up to speed. Higher-level positions require much longer indoctrination periods and it is already a costly expense and time-consuming process. Studies show the cost of recruiting an employee can be as much as $240,000 if the person is a good fit. A bad choice can cost a company as much as triple that amount. It’s no wonder a company will entice you to stay rather than hire again.

It Can Cause Loyalty Issues

When your employer makes a counter offer and you accept, it can open a big can of worms. They can’t trust you’ll stick around since you’ve already shown you’re willing to leave to get what you want. Obviously, when your employer no longer trusts you it can affect their decisions. Will they offer you a promotion if they think you may leave, or choose someone who remained unwaveringly loyal? Will they assign you to a long-term or broad project that requires continuity? Probably not - they’ll likely keep you in the interim and make plans to replace you at their convenience.

It Can Damage Your Reputation in Tech

The tech industry is very tight-knit and managers have extensive networks. If you turn down a solid written offer, you’re wasting that company’s time and money. They’ve already invested heavily in recruitment, turned down other highly-skilled candidates, and now they need to start again. Obviously, this can negatively impact your long-term plans and IT career.


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