Women’s History Month – Is F&A still a MALE dominant field?
In this post, we're celebrating Women's History Month by focusing on the accounting and finance sector and the advantages it offers women.
While women make up nearly 60% of accountants and auditors in the US, men still dominate the finance field, with only six percent of senior positions held by women. Men also account for nearly 65% of degrees in finance and accounting subjects, even though female accounting students consistently outperform them in the classroom. However, that changes when it comes to CPA exam success, with men passing at a considerably higher rate.
The disparities in numbers and fields make it challenging to clearly explain where women stand in terms of accounting and financial success. But one thing’s for sure, accounting is a growing field with lucrative possibilities, making it a terrific career move for women. It can also be the stepping stone to higher-paying positions in the finance sector, including CFO, DOF, COO, and more.

Why Women Choose Accounting

Female accountants have long held positions in some of the country’s top firms and corporations. Accounting and finance-related jobs available to women include:
  • Public accountant
  • Tax accountant
  • Managerial accountant
  • Internal auditor
  • Forensic accountant
  • Financial analyst
  • Payroll accountant
  • Environmental accountant
  • IT accountant
  • Personal finance advisor
Many women choose accounting primarily because they want a career that offers them a work-life balance, including the opportunity to work at least part of the time remotely. They also like that it’s a highly valued position that commands respect across the business spectrum.

The Future of Women in Accounting

The fact that so many women pursue careers in finance and accounting has helped attract more women to the profession. Younger women see the success of those who’ve come before them and feel more confident about pursuing an accounting career. And they don’t let the fact that finance is a male-dominated field dissuade them from pursuing it for themselves. Plus, they know they can look to other women to mentor and support them as they enter the industry. Women on the journey to a finance or accounting career can anticipate a bright future. And though it might currently take them a little longer to reach executive-level positions, the number of resources available to increase the pace grows every day.
Sources that support women in accounting include:
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) offers scholarships and assistance with graduate studies.
  • The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) also offers scholarships.
  • The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) works to prepare a future-ready accounting profession.
  • The Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting (EFWA), offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate scholarships.
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