Here’s What Your Resume Should Include in 2021
A while back, we wrote a post about how to write a resume that lands you the job you want. As we all know, the job search and interviewing processes have changed considerably in the past year. Here’s everything you need to know about what should and shouldn’t be included in your resume in 2021.

What Hasn’t Changed
If there’s one thing that makes your resume stand out, it’s how well you articulate yourself. Your writing style, your ability to tell a story, and how you generally present yourself tells a potential employer you’re a candidate worth pursuing.

What to Include
Listing skills, education and certifications are critical, particularly if you were furloughed or terminated due to the pandemic. You’re likely to be up against a growing pool of job applicants, so emphasizing hard and soft skills is vital to getting noticed. Include information on hard skills like software knowledge and language proficiency, but also list your personal strengths like communications, time management and problem-solving skills. Now is not the time to be modest – your resume’s primary function is to sell your skills and yourself!

What Not to Say
Most IT companies today are looking for candidates who are flexible, so cover letters and objective statements, pending on the position, can be viewed as “old school.” Many employers are just now figuring out how to strategize and pull adjacent skills into newly defined roles. Don’t give them a reason to reject your resume based on limiting or irrelevant information. A recruiter can help you choose which specific accomplishments or skills to focus on to show an employer you’re qualified for the exact position they’re hiring for.

How a Recruiter Helps You Craft a Great Resume

Imagine being able to call up a potential employer to ask them what they want you to include on your resume. In some ways, that’s exactly what a recruiter can do for you. A recruiter is in constant contact with hiring managers to learn what they’re looking for in candidates. They can then pass that information on to you, so you can craft a resume and be prepared to hit the points the hiring manager is looking for in your job interview. A few new bullets could change the entire game!

Making these small changes in how you craft your resume in 2021 can give you the competitive advantage you need in your job search. To learn more about how a Las Vegas IT recruiter can help you prepare a terrific resume that gets you the job you want, contact Taurean Consulting Group at 702-529-0378, today.
Resume Writing Tips for 2021