IT Job Market Trends of 2023: Everything You Need to Know

IT Job Market Trends of 2023: Everything You Need to Know

The IT job market has been on a hot streak for the past couple of years. Will 2023 also experience the same? Keep reading as we examine the early signs and plot the IT job market trends of 2023 that employers and candidates can capitalize on.

1. TREND#1. Job growth realized in some sectors of IT

Cybersecurity is increasing, especially with cloud engineers, web developers, and even data engineers, whether it’s green or senior. So, there’s a high demand for it, especially when it comes to the cloud for sure. Cybersecurity jobs bucked the trend of the general jobs market, which has been on a downward spiral. And it’s easy to see why—a cursory glance at the news on any given day and you will likely stumble upon a story about a cyber-security breach. Cyber-criminals hack 30,000 websites worldwide daily, and the total cost of cyberattacks was $6 trillion in 2022. Considering 64% of companies globally have experienced some form of cyberattack, it’s understandable why cybersecurity experts are the most sought-after. If you’re an IT employer looking for IT experts in Las Vegas but still haven’t found the right candidate despite numerous adverts, that’s because of the tough competition for limited talent. Thankfully, Taurean Consulting Group, an IT staffing and project solutions firm, has the solution. Our job board enables posting targeted ads to enhance your chances of landing suitable candidates. Moreover, we specialize in filling IT jobs in Las Vegas, so we always have suitable candidates. Call us, and we will help you locate employees that are the perfect fit for your needs. We also provide training and certifications for staff.

2. TREND#2. IT hiring remains strong despite layoffs

Although many big tech companies laid off workers, there seems to be a wave in which jobs or tech jobs are still being posted. Jobs are still being filled. Much of it is mainly with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), especially looking at it from a recruiter side, stemming from contracts to higher jobs. There are a lot of contract jobs out there for IT, and IT just keeps growing. To add the fun fact that tech employment increased by 3.2% across all of 2022.

3. TREND#3. The rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

When OpenAI launched ChatGPT in November 2022, it sparked an AI arms race. Google, whose AI equivalent was trudging along at a snail’s pace, had to respond rapidly to claw back some relevance. Since then, several AI and Machine Learning programs have been launched. That explains why machine learning and AI jobs are among the hottest IT job market trends in 2023.

4. TREND#4. Hybrid work is becoming the norm

As we are coming off the pandemic, a lot of people have gotten comfortable with the remote aspect of working. But now that companies are opening back up and employers now are giving their employees the option to choose hybrid or traditional work, it might be one of the biggest IT job market trends in 2023. Hybrid is what we see more of now. Many companies want their employees to come in at least for maybe two or three days to have hands-on experience or work with the team.

5. TREND#5. Obstacles to hiring are spread out for a variety of reasons

A variety of reasons in terms of obstacles in hiring are due to people always looking for more. It is competitive wages as well. People are competing for jobs, and sometimes what employers or hiring managers are looking for, is not there in the market. A prime example is if you have a job that’s contracted for six months, no one working full-time will leave a full-time job for six months of contracted work. So a lot of people are working, but there is still that fight to hire the right candidate for the right job, which could be for a short amount of time. And pay is definitely a factor.

6. TREND#6. Cloud tech key in IT hiring

Cloud tech is on the rise. Knowing the cloud is a key part of the process, there’s a need and a big push for AI and the growth of virtual cloud desktops, and improving data processing and storage.

Final Word

Despite the layoffs from big tech firms, the future looks bright for IT and tech workers, especially in red-hot markets like cybersecurity, cloud technologies, AI, and machine learning. Alternatively, there are other industries like transport, manufacturing, and healthcare, utilizing their skills to create innovative digital services and products. If you are an employer looking for the right IT workers and candidates looking for a placement in Las Vegas, try Taurean Consulting Group. We specialize in filling tech and IT jobs in Las Vegas. Call us at (702) 529-0378 today to get a jump on IT and tech jobs in Las Vegas.