Challenges and Solutions to Tech Staffing
The primary tech staffing challenges may seem persistent, yet in our experience, any business can strengthen talent acquisition. Still, the right approach varies from company to company, and we’ve seen some recruiting strategies fair better than others.
But why do certain hiring practices work well? The answers come down to supporting workers throughout their tenure, not only when hired. The following recruiting, interviewing, and hiring recommendations will help you overcome the main staffing challenges.

Focus on the 5 C’s of Tech Staffing

The hiring process directly influences worker quality, especially as new talent joins the team. A thorough pipeline demonstrates your commitment to company-wide success. Following the 5 C's is one strategy we recommend for staying on task. Whether hiring IT administrators or financial advisers, the 5 C’s include: • Credibility • Compensation • Culture • Commitment • Challenge All are vital to attracting and welcoming the best talent to the organization.

Support an Overburdened HR Staff

We notice the effects of lackluster personnel decisions when we consult with clients. So why do successful companies struggle with talent acquisition? The problem may revolve around an overburdened HR staff tasked with handling more applications than they can realistically accommodate. The result is an incomplete hiring pipeline, rushed to fruition, and insufficient for attracting and retaining talent. Bringing an experienced recruitment firm on board can supplement the shortage and help HR staff exceed expectations.

Create a Valuable Employer Brand

Why do companies lose workers after spending significant resources to onboard them? When we see businesses struggling to retain top talent, we consider whether or not the organization has employer brand value. The challenge is defining what a valuable employer brand means to ideal candidates. It may be higher compensation than the industry average or something less tangible, such as an inclusive, positive company culture. Developing an employer brand demonstrates a clear commitment to workers, showing that the organization genuinely values their contributions. Employees that don’t feel valued and supported will move on to another opportunity.

Experiment with Different Engagement Methods

Recruiting candidates through social media counts too. We’ve seen candidates spend hours scouring social media for job leads, so why not leverage that particular channel? Social media platforms give you the advantage of knowing your candidates before contacting them. The strategic appeal is recruiting from a broader audience besides online job boards.

Utilize Social Media the Right Way

AI’s benefits are undeniable. However, it doesn’t have the soft skills needed to perform certain tasks or interact with clients, such as problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. If you’re looking to reinvent your accounting career as the industry evolves, working with a recruiting firm like Taurean Consulting Group can help. Contact us today to learn more.


Ultimately, the best solutions to staffing vacancies follow a similar theme. Recruits are more likely to enjoy their career when management supports their needs throughout their tenure. Contact Taurean Consulting Group for more information about our staffing services.