Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired in the IT Industry
When looking to get hired for a new job, your resume may get you in the door, but how you interview ultimately determines whether you’re offered the position. That’s because the impression you leave with the hiring manager can outweigh your actual credentials. Traits like attitude, pose, communication style, and social skills are carefully evaluated alongside your education and experience.

The good news is you don’t need to be perfect in an interview, you just need to be preparedUse these tips to prepare for your next interview and you’ll set yourself apart from the competition.

Practice, Practice, Practice

While every company and interviewer is different, common questions tend to get asked in nearly every interview. When answering them, use specific examples to illustrate the expertise you’ve developed and used to problem solve and innovate, and try to emphasize skills the company has included in the job description.

Research the IT Company

Researching the employer is one of the best ways to become a stand-out candidate and get hired. You’ll learn what the company does and what it values in its people. And you’ll be able to craft better answers using what you’ve learned. For instance, you might say, “I noticed your company is expanding into AI solutions. I did a lot of AI work in my last two positions.”

Find a Connection to the Interviewer

Building rapport and making a personal connection with a hiring manager can also increase your odds of landing the job. That’s because interviewers tend to recommend hiring candidates they like personally and who appear to be a good fit for the company’s culture. If the company’s website has employee profiles, look to see if there’s anything you share in common with the interviewer. And don’t forget to follow up the interview with a thank you note that references something discussed during the interview.

Aim to Impress

Dressing the part, showing up on time (aka early), and having extra copies of your resume readily available can reduce interview anxiety and help you be more confident in the room. Interviewing remotely? Test your computer and the software ahead of time so you know everything’s working correctly and you’re comfortable with it.

Get Hired In the IT Industry

While there’s an abundance of available jobs in the IT industry, competition for the position you want to get hired for can still be fierce. Using these tips can help, as can partnering with a Las Vegas IT recruiter who can help you prepare for interviews and save you from being disappointed when you don’t get the job. To learn how an IT recruiter can help you get hired for a position, call 702-529-0378 or apply for a position on Taurean Consulting Group’s online job board today.  
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