How to Answer Difficult Job Interview Questions
Many job seekers prepare themselves for the most common job interview questions potential employers ask such as: 1. “Tell me about yourself.” 2. “Why are you leaving your current job?” 3. “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” But most hiring managers also ask tough questions, which you should also be ready for. When you work with an IT recruiter, they can often fill you in on which “tough” questions a company usually asks. They’ll also suggest a few questions of your own so you can decide if this is the right position for you.

Why Companies Ask Tough Job Interview Questions

The most common reason for more challenging interview questions is the interviewer wants to learn how well you process information and solve problems. Other motives are: • Gauging your experience level. • Determining how comfortable you are with complex tasks. • To see how willing you are to take responsibility for mistakes. No matter which questions you face, it’s good to practice answering tough questions during your interview preparation process.

How to Answer 4 Difficult Job Interview Questions

1. Any questions about something on your resume Much of an interview will focus on your experience, so be prepared to discuss anything written on your resume. If you can’t talk about an experience or skill with authority, leave it off. Because you’ll have a difficult time explaining how it got on there! 2. Why are you a good fit for our company? This question is why we always advise candidates we work with to do their research about the company, position, and hiring manager. It’s a great way to connect with the interviewer and shows you’re genuinely interested in the organization’s goals and eager to show how you can help achieve them. 3. How do you prioritize job duties? This question is a good example of why you must practice your interview, preferably with an IT recruiter. A recruiter can teach you how to think before speaking and guide you on what a particular hiring manager might hope to hear. 4. Share an example of a time you had to make a difficult decision. This “STAR” type question is asked to get you to share a concrete example of your skills and experience. To respond, you might: • Describe a specific situation you were in and explain how you handled it. • Explain what you were tasked with and when you knew you had to choose between multiple options. • Talk about actions you decided to take to deal with a problem. • Give an example of how the result was the best outcome.

Partner, Prepare, and Practice with an IT Recruiter

Tough questions force you to think and create responses on the spot, so it’s always helpful to have several potential queries in mind before the interview. An IT recruiter can help you practice answering difficult interview questions and suggest possible situations that could arise. At Taurean Consulting Group, we want our candidates to do well in every interview. We prepare our clients in everything from body language to virtual interviews and proper handshakes! And we’ll make sure you’re always prepared to answer even the toughest questions a hiring manager tosses your way. Contact us online today to learn more.