Soft Skills Needed for Financial & Accounting Professionals
In today’s competitive job market, it takes much more than knowledge of accounting principles to land a new position. You must also develop critical soft skills that help you best serve your employer and clients. Possessing these five essential soft skills can be the differentiator between two candidates competing for the same position.

Soft Skills for Accounting

A recent survey found that 97% of surveyed companies rated soft skills as important or more important than hard skills. Whether you’re looking for a new job or seeking to gain a promotion, developing these soft skills can improve your chances and help take your accounting talents to the next level.


Skill #1: Accounting Organizational Skills

Every accountant must be highly organized if they want to do their best work and establish a higher level of trust and professionalism. Digital software programs and platforms make staying organized easier than ever, especially when you need to juggle multiple projects and clients.


Skill #2: Critical Thinking

Many hiring managers look for candidates with strong critical thinking skills. From initial review to final analysis, accounting professionals should be skilled in looking at all available information so they can predict problems before they occur.


Skill #3: Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Even if you prefer to spend most of your time with numbers, there’s no escaping the fact you’ll be required to interact with colleagues, managers, clients, and industry professionals in a variety of ways. Excellent written and verbal communication skills ensure everyone understands your reports and analyses, even if they’re unfamiliar with accounting or finance terminology.


Skill #4: Continual Learning

The accounting field is continually evolving, whether in regulations, tax codes, software, or best practices, so having a love of learning ensures you’re on top of the latest tools and techniques. In the US, CPAs must participate in ongoing training and improvement activities that help them develop and maintain their industry competencies. Embracing the learning process will serve you well as you seek new employment and advance in your career.


Skill #5: Time Management

In our view, the most critical soft skill for accountants and financial professionals is time management, especially for those running their own accounting firm. Juggling tax filings, license renewal periods and documents, and admission deadlines, not to mention communicating with multiple clients, can be challenging at the best of times. To develop good time management skills, consider using digital tools that keep projects organized and move them along. You can also talk to other professionals about how they plan their workday.

Partner with a Tech Industry Recruiter

Being good with numbers and understanding accounting principles only gets you so far. If you want to stand out in your sector and serve clients better, you must hone the soft skills discussed above. It can also be helpful to work with a recruiting firm that understands what local employers are looking for from financial and accounting professionals. Contact Taurean Consulting Group today to learn more.