The Successful Woman’s Mindset

21 Journey’s to Success


This book is Co-Authored by 21 women of diverse cultures, religions, ages, professions, business and races. They have come together as ONE to share with you the challenges they have overcome to reach their success today and the success they will continue to reach in hopes that you will be inspired and empowered to know without a doubt YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! Featuring Co-Authors Galit Ventura-Rozen, Alexia Crowley, Angela Giles, Aryel Gladden-Banning, Brooke Tera-Sundri, Cassandra Mor, Crystal White, Cynde Canepa, Fariba Khalvati Beighlie, Fran McCully, Hanna Olivas, Linda C. Perez, Lovely La Guerre, Megan Zimick, Michelle R. Weihman, Pamela D. Kurt, Rachel West, Rena McDonald, Sonia Petkewich, Stacey D. Shell and Yolla Alsabagh.