Why Choose Taurean Consulting Group?

Technology Staffing Experts

Finding the right talent for your business is a huge burden without expert assistance. You spend valuable time and resources on hiring, instead of on your business. Here’s how Taurean Consulting Group can assist you.

Skip the Groundwork

Posting jobs, reviewing résumés, interviewing candidates, and coming to financial agreements consumes time and money. As your trusted staffing partner, Taurean Consulting Group pre-screens and qualifies candidates. We verify credentials, check references, and ensure our candidates fit the roles for your team and company.

Find Qualified Candidates

Taurean Consulting Group actively attracts top candidates in the highly-competitive IT market. Our dedicated team of Recruiters are constantly locating and building relationships with talent in all areas of IT. We also connect candidates to training resources to elevate their skills, increase their immediate value, and contribute more abundantly to your business. Candidates choose to work with us for many reasons. Some simply want a change, or are looking to contribute their skills in a new area of IT. Others prefer contracts because they offer variety, challenges, and the possibility of learning new skills. Still, others see it as an excellent opportunity to test the waters to see if the corporate culture aligns with their own.

Flexible Solutions

Taurean Consulting Group offers smart, sensible, and cost-effective IT staffing and full project solutions for client’s valley-wide. With over 25 years’ specialized experience in IT, we know how to find candidates with the correct skills that blend seamlessly into your company’s culture, mission and values. We offer IT staffing and full project solutions so you can spend wisely and tap into a qualified dynamic workforce that adapts to your demands.

Reduce Time to Hire

Technology is a fast-paced industry and no company can afford to leave a position open for long. However, today’s competitiveness makes it harder to acquire qualified candidates, unless you have expert assistance. Unfilled positions reduce productivity and divert resources. Taurean Consulting Group reduces that time so you have a qualified individual working for your team as soon as possible. We identify your precise needs and offer you the best candidates who are willing and able to step into the position. Contact us to get outstanding results in record time.

Manage Risk

Hiring is a fundamental part of doing business and choosing the right people is a key element of company success. One of the greatest advantages of choosing a temporary employee is that we assume many of your risks. Taurean Consulting Group is the employer of record for contract employees. We are responsible for our employees while they are on contracts, abide by labor laws, and attend to payroll, tax and insurance concerns. Whether you need staff for short or long-term projects, to augment your existing staff, or for a permanent position, we offer qualified individuals with fewer Human Resource complications.

Powerful Partnership

Taurean Consulting Group’s resilience in a booming IT market stems from our focus on strong partnerships, collaboration, and solid business practices. We work hard to provide solutions for your business. We specialize in the IT industry, and our clients attest to our personable and approachable business model. If you need an IT professional, contact us! We assist IT company’s valley-wide with access to a nationwide network of talent.