What You Need to Know About Nevada’s New Pay Equity Law
On October 1, 2021, Nevada’s pay transparency and equity law took effect, following a number of other states across the country enacting similar laws. The Nevada Pay Equity Law is designed to help minorities and women gain salary parity. It also makes the job hiring process more equitable, as it ensures people receive a salary based on their skills, not what they were previously paid, when hired. Job postings will now include a pay range based on your previous experience as opposed to a single salary number.

The new law is seen as a real positive for people who haven’t always been in a position to negotiate for themselves to obtain the salary or pay rate that others in the organization are getting for the same work.

What’s In Nevada’s Pay Equity Law

Senate Bill 293 guarantees two important rights for Nevada’s workers.
  1. An employer can no longer ask a job candidate for their salary history. They also can’t discriminate or retaliate against a job applicant who refuses to disclose their wage or salary history, nor can they refuse to interview someone who doesn’t provide them with the information. If the prospective employee voluntarily discloses a previous salary, the employer cannot use that information to determine whether or not to hire someone or what their pay rate will be.

  2. Employers must proactively disclose the rate, wage or salary range for a position. For candidates, this means that once they complete an interview, employers must provide them with the wage or salary range, regardless of whether the applicant is a potential new hire, is transferring or being promoted from within.
The law applies to private employers and staffing firms as well as state, county, and local governmental agencies. Employers are responsible for implementing internal compliance procedures. If they fail to do so, they can face up to $5,000 in administrative penalties and fines for each violation.

Most experts believe Nevada employers will willingly comply with the new law, as many were already voluntarily following its requirements. And though some opponents of the bill worried companies would decide not to do business in Nevada to avoid the law, that’s not expected to happen.

How the Nevada Pay Equity Law Helps With Salary Negotiations

In previous posts, we’ve talked about how an IT recruiter helps negotiate salaries for job candidates. This new law makes this process much more transparent. Now, when you work with an IT recruiter, not only can they coach you on how to handle the salary or pay rate conversation during the interview, they will also work to get you a competitive compensation offer.

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Job Candidate Benefits from Nevada's New Pay Equity Law