Inspiring Young Women in Technology

Ways to Encourage Young Women in Technology

Currently, women hold about a quarter of all computing and technology occupations in the U.S. Even though their numbers have steadily increased by 2 percent annually, it will take positive steps to encourage more females in computer science.

Fostering an Early Interest in Computer Science

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of women seeking degrees in computer science halved from 34.7 percent in 1986 to 17.6 percent in 2011. Clearly, fostering an interest in computer science from an early age is vital to strengthening industry numbers. NCWIT Aspirations in Computing is an organization dedicated to this cause. They offer mentoring, resources, and peer connections with other like-minded middle school girls interested in technology. They also offer scholarships, internships, and professional work for high school and college students.

Mentoring Young Women

Women working in tech can serve as a role model for girls and young women, a very important component of success in technology. Many young women in the workplace don’t have supportive work environments, so they need to rely on outside inspiration. The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing is a great community that works to inspire and mentor young women in technology. NCWIT also encourages professional educators to connect and learn how to teach young women the current trends in technology. They also plan and lead middle school and high school experiences that strengthen participant leadership, technical, and entrepreneurial skills. Other organizations such as Women Who Code and Tech Ladies offer events and informal get-togethers to help you understand how to nurture young minds.

Computer Science Benefits All Aspects of Society

Many young women want to make the world a better place, but the altruistic side of computer science is often ignored. Young women need to understand computer science can help fulfill important needs, empower the underserved, improve education and communication, and even help protect others from catastrophic weather events. Their work can make a difference and improve the world.

Lead by Example

Business owners need to set an example in their workplace. Your organization needs to be accountable for its practices and encourage inclusion from the top down. Make it a priority to attract and retain women for technical work and include a diversity statement on all job postings. Measure your progress and work to eliminate bias in all aspects of the workplace. Hold managers accountable for their hiring and promotion decisions to avoid gender bias. Statistics show many powerful reasons exist to include women in this male-dominated field. Diversity increases revenue, profits, and market share. Collective teams are also more innovative, collaborative, and successful than single-gender ones.


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