How to Encourage Your Child to Explore a Career in Technology

Fostering Your Child's Interest in a Technology Career

If you’ve noticed your child seems to have a knack for technology, you might wonder whether it’s appropriate to talk to them about a career in the field. Of course, you don’t want to direct them towards particular work when their interests might change. However, powerful reasons exist for encouraging technological fluency, no matter the job they choose.

What Are the Benefits?

According to a PwC study, by 2020 over three-quarters of all jobs will require some level of technological skill. Consequently, if your child has a strong grasp of technology, they improve their chances of success, no matter the field they choose. A strong foundation in computer science and technological literacy helps your child analyze problems logically and find novel solutions. This is a key attribute all employers look for in potential employees.

They Already Use Technology

Your child has more access to technology than you did at their age, plus it’s much more advanced. Kids understand the basics of software and hardware, since they use it in their everyday lives. Whether it’s programming their cellphone or using an innovative app, they pick up on what’s needed quickly. Most schools also include some level of training in their curriculum. However, it is important you encourage technological creation, not just consumption.

Level the Playing Field

Anyone can study computer science. Gender, race, disabilities, and location don’t stop a person from learning. Computer science can empower marginalized communities, add diversity to the workplace, and help business and individuals succeed. Since the tech industry is results-driven, skills are paramount. Many young people do very well, since they learn the latest methods and have a fresh way of looking at old problems. Consequently, someone 20 years old with less experience has merit when they perform well.

Continual Demand

One thing is certain - computers and technology aren’t going away. With more computers in the home and business, demand continues to grow. A PwC study of corporate CEOs found 79% were concerned a shortage of qualified employees could impair their companies growth. The demand for technology professionals has never been higher.

They Have Diverse Options

Your child needs to understand that every industry and every creative endeavor can be improved through technology. Even if they want to farm or design clothes, technological literacy can help them. Jobs in technology aren’t limited to Silicon Valley and startups either. Huge opportunities exist throughout the world and the diversity of their options continually increases. Today’s trends include blockchain, augmented reality, cybersecurity and bots, but who knows what’s to come?

Flexibility and a Chance to Learn New Skills

Working in tech doesn’t necessarily mean you’re stuck in the same job forever. Your child may have the chance to jump into other projects and discover they enjoy the work even more. Since the tech industry often values employees that can bridge several disciplines, a diverse skill set is welcome.

Tech Often Values Culture

Certainly not all tech companies offer perks like Google’s paid time off and a 401k match, but many provide a corporate culture that focuses on happiness and employee satisfaction. Many tech companies offer a relaxed dress code, a fun work environment, and a way for your child to make an impact and better the world.


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Female middle school student building And programing robot vehicle in after school computer coding class, just one way to foster interest in a technology career.