How to Create a Great IT Job Posting

Attract Your Ideal Candidate with These IT Job Posting Tips

IT is a very competitive industry, including in Las Vegas, and attracting the right talent is essential to success. No company can afford to leave a position vacant for long and you certainly don’t want to waste your valuable time on unqualified candidates either. Here are a few tips to help you create a great IT job posting that attracts the right people in Las Vegas you need as quickly as possible.

Use Standard Job Titles

Today’s job candidates might start with their network, but inevitably they’ll look to the Internet and social media too. They search standard job titles to find suitable employment opportunities, so don’t dress up the job title in an attempt to stand out. You’ll just get fewer applications from qualified candidates.

Create an Overview

Candidates want to know what to expect from a business before they bother to submit an application. There’s a huge difference between working for a fast-paced, up-and-coming company that encourages erratic hours and pets at work and a well-established firm that values steadfast reliability. Briefly describe your company's mission, vision, and values and the personality of successful team members. Summarize the role so candidates can quickly see what it would be like to work with your company.

Clearly Define Responsibilities in Your IT Job Posting

The nitty-gritty of all postings is in the list of responsibilities. Describe what’s expected from the candidate, but in as few words as possible. People lose interest if they have to read through huge blocks of text just to find out whether the position suits them. Use bullet points and don’t overwhelm applicants with a long list of minor responsibilities. Describe the essentials to entice the greatest number of applicants. Choose gender and age-neutral language too, otherwise, your posting will only appeal to a select few and they may not be the most qualified.

List Required and Preferred Skills

IT positions often demand hands-on experience in very specific environments performing very specific functions. List the specific software, hardware, and experience the candidate needs to succeed in the position. Specify if the candidate needs to meet specific educational or certification requirements too. Once you’ve defined the “must-haves,” outline what you would prefer in an ideal candidate.

Push Your Perks

Post a salary range so qualified candidates know whether the position meets their expectations. There’s no point in wasting their time and yours if it isn’t what they want, however, salary isn’t always the sole determining factor. According to an MRI Network study, 49% of prospective employees look at a company’s compensation package before deciding where to work. Additionally, 42% consider work-life balance a deciding factor. A quick time to interview can also boost your chances of success.

Offer Options

The competitive nature of the IT industry means you can’t afford to let qualified applicants vanish. Even if they don’t apply for your current job posting, make it easy for them to contact a recruiter, opt-in for email job notifications, or submit their resume for consideration.

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