Do You Need a Degree or Certification for Las Vegas Tech Jobs?

Understanding If You Need a Degree or Certification for Las Vegas Tech Jobs

If you’re looking into Las Vegas tech jobs or already work in the field, you may wonder which route you should take if you want to upgrade your skills. Luckily, it isn’t always a matter of deciding one over the other, but more whatever serves you best.

Do You Need to Have a Degree?

IT jobs rely heavily on skills, so your experience, area of focus, specific role, and what you ultimately want to achieve all play a role.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports most IT professionals have a Bachelor’s or Associates degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, but certainly not all. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg both dropped out of Harvard, but went on to great success as entrepreneurs.

If you’re very experienced or specialized, you may not need one either. Some experienced web designers and developers are self-taught. However, Las Vegas tech jobs are very competitive, and if you’re looking to find employment in certain positions, a degree is often a must. Automated resume screening may eliminate you from particular job postings if you do not have a degree.

A degree often provides the foundation you need for a solid IT career. Employers recognize a degree provides a broader technology and business education, including risk management, which benefits their company. Fortunately, many educational institutions offer online degrees so you can upgrade your skills while working.

Certification in Your Field

If you’re looking for Las Vegas tech jobs, a certification in a specific field shows employers you have the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job. Typically, they’re offered by private companies and educational institutions and teach best practices, industry standards, and technical skills. Before choosing a program, it is important you confirm it is relevant and valued in the job market. Requirements can change rapidly, especially in fields such as cybersecurity.

Degree + Certification = A Winning Combination for Las Vegas Tech Jobs

For IT professionals or consultants with a degree, adding a certification increases relevance. For instance, the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends combining a degree with certification for positions such as information security analyst, network systems administrator, and computer network architect.

Why Continual Learning Matters

Since the demands, equipment, and standards in IT positions change quickly, you should always upgrade your skills and knowledge or you’ll limit your opportunities.

From entry-level to senior positions, certifications and degrees differentiate you from the competition. They show you’re committed to your field and you want to master the latest industry standards and best practices. Employers value people with initiative, especially when they have the precise knowledge and skills they need.


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