Benefits of an IT Staffing Company for Your Project Needs
Do you sometimes need to quickly fill talent gaps on IT projects but don’t want to hire additional staff? Working with an IT staffing company to augment your existing IT team speeds up the process of finding talented individuals for design, software development, project management, and other IT-related endeavors. Taurean Consulting Group offers cost-effective IT staffing and project solutions for clients valley wide. We can provide you with qualified and skilled staffing candidates drawn from a vast pool of professionals in Las Vegas’ competitive IT market. We screen candidates to ensure they’re a good match for your company’s culture and can become integral team members for the life of your project.


Project-Based IT Staffing: A Growing Trend

Project-based staffing is one of today’s preferred models for ramping up IT teams. It allows organizations of all sizes to:
  • Rapidly scale up their teams to tackle large or specialized projects.
  • Revert to a reduced staff when a project’s completed.
When you bring in experienced IT professionals on a per-project basis, you’re liberated from the burden of screening, hiring, and training new employees—some of whom may end up being laid off once the project is complete. It’s a cost-effective way to access top talent while avoiding staffing overheads.


Benefits of Working with an IT Staffing Company for Project-Based Needs

The advantages of using an IT staffing company for projects go far beyond cost savings. Other benefits include:
  1. Flexibility - Hiring staff members temporarily lets you increase or decrease the size of your team as needed. For instance, you can ramp up staff at the start of a project and then strategically reduce the number of employees as the project progresses and nears launch. You can also adjust the number of hours you need a worker from week to week. Another plus? You have access to a much wider pool of people who can work in non-traditional ways: on-site, out-of-sight, or out-of-state.
  2. Efficiency - Searching for temporary staff can be just as time-consuming as looking for full-time employees. An IT staffing company does the recruiting, evaluating, and interviewing for you.
  3. Talent - Bringing in temporary IT workers means you can access highly sought-after talent for which you wouldn’t have the financial resources otherwise. You get people who are at the top of their fields and bring the knowledge and skills needed to your project’s demands.


Global Talents for Your Project-Based Needs

From custom software development to complete networking projects, Taurean works with companies to create augmented IT teams that help them achieve business goals and objectives. Our augmented staffing services give you access to top talent while letting you adjust your workforce to your business’s cyclical needs. Ready to learn more? Reach out to us online today or call us at 702-529-0378 to discover how we can assist in getting your projects completed on time, every time.