A Recruiter’s Perspective on Finance Jobs in Las Vegas
What do recruiters know about finance jobs in Las Vegas that many other people don’t? That there are plenty of employment opportunities beyond the city’s entertainment and hospitality image. Today, the city is home to countless companies in other sectors, including financial services, real estate investment, wealth management, and emerging tech startups. Some of the largest employers offering finance jobs in Las Vegas include:
  • Light and Wonder, a licensed gaming manufacturer
  • US Bank
  • Credit One Bank
  • Allegiant International
  • Affinity Gaming Finance Corp.
  • ASTOUND Group, an experimental marketing and tradeshow company
Taurean Consulting Group specializes in helping candidates find finance jobs in the greater Las Vegas area, working with leading Las Vegas organizations to place qualified professional candidates at their businesses. We also offer job-seekers interested in enhancing their skills training and certifications that can give them a competitive edge.

Why Las Vegas for Finance Jobs?

Compared to other financial hubs in the country, Las Vegas’s growing sector offers a unique combination of professional and lifestyle benefits.
  • Businesses here offer competitive salaries and advancement opportunities.
  • The cost of living is lower when compared to Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.
  • Companies encourage growth, diversity, and innovations, vital elements for career progression.
All in all, Las Vegas is an appealing destination for individuals seeking employment in the financial industry.

How Competitive is the Application Process?

When selecting finance candidates to interview and hire, employers look for those with up-to-date technical skills, practical experience, and strong communication abilities. They also value people who are results-oriented, adaptable to industry changes, and who demonstrate ethical conduct. Upping your networking efforts is an excellent way to gain referrals and professional connections who can help you stand out in a competitive environment.

The Future of Finance Jobs in Las Vegas

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that finance employment will grow by seven percent by 2031, slightly higher than the average projected growth for all occupations. Some roles, like financial examiner, are expected to grow by more than double the national average. Looking ahead, the finance job market is promising in Las Vegas, particularly for financial analyst positions, which have grown by over 265% in the past year. As the city attracts more diverse businesses that embrace technological advancements, the demand for finance professionals is sure to grow. From our perspective, Las Vegas offers finance professionals a vibrant, dynamic, and opportunity-filled landscape. Whether you’re looking to improve your skills, land your first position in the finance sector, or make a career move, Taurean Consulting Group can help. Contact us online or call 702-529-0378 to learn how.
A Recruiter's Perspective on Finance Jobs in Las Vegas