7 Reasons Why IT Professionals Should Work with Taurean Consulting Group

When you work in IT, the last thing you want to do is use just any staffing agency. You’re in a specialized industry with unique skills. Unless your agency knows the difference between a help desk technician and a senior programmer analyst, what are the chances of them finding you appropriate work?

Don’t waste your time with generalized staffing agencies that know nothing about work in technology. We’re leaders in IT placements in the Las Vegas valley.

Match Potential Employers to Your Skills

Instead of wasting time applying for jobs that might suit your needs, why not let us match your skills to eager employers who want precisely what you offer? Let us handle all the preliminaries, so you don’t waste your valuable time on unlikely prospects. Many applicants make the mistake of having what they believe is a one size fits all resume instead of working with a recruiter that will help insure that you are putting your best skills forward needed to secure your ideal job.

We can also connect you to training resources to elevate your skills, increase your immediate value, and contribute more abundantly to potential employers. We believe in helping IT professionals to continue their education and have online courses available to you so that you can bolster your on the job experience with the skills needed to advance in your career.

Further Your Career

Everyone has their own reason for seeking temporary work. Perhaps you want a change, or you’re looking to apply your skills in a new area of IT.

You may prefer contract work since it is challenging, varied, and often leads to new skills. Perhaps you’d like to test the waters with a company to see if the corporate culture aligns with your own. You may even want to get your foot in the door with a particular company, hoping it leads to exposure to new technologies, professional growth and future opportunities.

Let Taurean Consulting Group understand your experience, skills, and career direction so we can pair you with meaningful work and great employers.

Expand Your Network

If you’re new to the Las Vegas area or a new area of IT, you probably don’t have a huge network to call on for insider information on job opportunities. Contract work can help you build your network for increased opportunities. Word-of-mouth is still a very powerful way to learn about upcoming IT positions. Working with a Taurean Recruiter affords you insight and knowledge about what a hiring manager is really looking for in a candidate as well as coaching on interview techniques that allow you to showcase your skills and personality.

Find Work Quickly

IT is a face-paced industry and employers can’t afford to leave positions vacant for long. Consequently, time to hire for contract work is often much faster than when you apply for regular jobs.

Employers connect with Taurean Consulting Group, because they want to find the best possible candidate as quickly as possible. We only send the most qualified candidates for interviews, which increases your odds of success. It also ensures the employer gives you serious consideration. Even if they do not hire you for one position, they may hire you for another or suggest you to others.

It is also a very competitive market for full time employment opportunities and the hiring process is a lengthy one. Employers work with Taurean to find a diamond in the rough candidate and at times to work on confidential and strategic roles. We help both the clients and candidates navigate through the permanent application process, salary negotiation and onboarding to ensure that all parties questions are answered and all needs are met.

Contract & Full-Project Positions

Contract and project work can be a valuable source of income if you’re searching for your permanent dream job. While you can work as much or as little as you want, it also serves employers in several ways.

Besides fulfilling an immediate need, it also allows employers to see you apply your skills and interact in the workplace. If they decide to hire for a permanent position, they already know you and what you can do.

We Value Skilled Professionals

IT is a highly-competitive industry, and seeking new employment is a stressful endeavor so let Taurean Consulting Group give you the edge you need to succeed and be there to support you along the way. We always treat you with the respect you deserve as an IT professional.

We specialize in the IT industry in the Las Vegas valley. We’re personable and approachable and here to help you along your career path. Browse our latest job openings! We can help you tap into the valley-wide IT community for meaningful work.