5 Ways to Jumpstart Your IT Job Search for the New Year
Over the past several years, the pandemic, cultural shifts, and tech advancements have changed how people search for jobs. Because new hiring trends and practices can significantly impact your IT job search in the new year, we’ve put together these helpful tips for finding a position that fits your personal and professional priorities.

1. Create a Roadmap

Knowing what you want to do and where you want to take your career are critical in putting your job search on the right path. The IT industry is far-ranging and diverse, and setting specific role goals makes it easier to figure out how’ll you get where you want to be. The best way to begin creating a roadmap is by tapping into your network, where you can learn:
  • What’s out there?
  • Which companies or firms most appeal to you?
  • What type of position do you want, be it cyber security, design, or support desk work?
Most of all, networking is essential to mapping your job search because it allows you to have an inside vision. If you’ve done any kind of job searching in the past, you’ve probably learned that it’s often who you know that matters more than what you know.

2. Strengthen Your Resume and Online Presence

Most recruiters and companies research candidates online. Make sure all your social media information, including on LinkedIn, is up-to-date and reflects your experience, skills, and professionalism.

3. Set Achievable Goals

Want to stay on track throughout your job search? Set achievable goals, and don’t apply to multiple places hoping something sticks. Narrowing your search lets you see what's out there more clearly and allows you to hone in on what type of company you want to work for and the job that’s the best fit for your current career and life priorities.

4. Assemble Your Team

No matter where you are in your career, building connections and relationships with influential people in your field who will share information and knowledge with you is crucial. Attend industry events, ask someone to mentor you, and make sure the right people know you’re currently searching for a new job. A good crew made up of professionals, friends, and family is invaluable in achieving your career goals. They’ll also help you stay motivated and confident as you pursue your IT dreams. An IT recruiter can also help by working with you to polish and tailor your resume, role-playing interviews, and matching you with companies they think you’d be a good match for.

5. Know Where to Look for Jobs

Online resources like job boards are terrific resources for finding jobs. Did you miss out on a coveted position with a company you love? Go back for a second or even a third look to see if they’ve posted new positions. Look up key players on LinkedIn and try connecting with them to see where their company is in terms of hiring. Working with a recruiter also makes it easier to find out which jobs are out there, including some that are never listed online.

Jumpstart Your IT Job Search in the New Year

Chart a roadmap, tap into your network, and don’t give up on pursuing your vision, and you’ll soon land your dream IT job. And to keep you on track during your IT job search, consider partnering with a Las Vegas IT recruiter, who can be an incredibly valuable resource when searching for a job in the tech industry. Ready to dive in? Contact Taurean Consulting Group today to learn how we can help.